Patches without copyright assignment (WAS: Making font-lock handle long lines better)
(too old to reply)
Noam Postavsky
2018-05-15 13:10:28 UTC
Sounds like Bug#13369, although that report specifically mentions the
'omake' element as the major culprit.
I know this isn't directly related to the original issue raised, and
not to sound awfully negative...
But if I understand this correctly this is a bug which was filed and
debugged in 2013, half a decade ago, with a known fix, but the bug is
still in the Emacs codebase.
Why? Because whoever filed and diagnosed the bug in the first place
can't/won't signed copyright assignment papers.
I think you misread, the unassigned code is a "regexp-to-rx translator",
not a fix for the bug. Bug#19479 is better "poster-child" for this
- Are there any systems in place to follow up "solved" bugs which
doesn't result in commits?
Not specifically, no. Not sure how they should be followed up
differently from normal open bugs though?
- Do we know how many such bugs there currently are?
There's no official count. My sense from going through the bug list is
that there are only a handful, perhaps a dozen at most. Although there
could be more hypothetical cases, where someone didn't even try to make
a fix only because of the copyright issue.