[OT] Intellectual May Day -- Nature Of Poly-Existenials: Basis For Abolishment Of The Western Intellectual Property Rights Regime
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Mohsen BANAN
2018-05-01 23:43:07 UTC
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<!--CUT STYLE article--><!--CUT DEF section 1 --><p>
[ Please distribute this as widely as possible, wherever appropriate.<br>
This announces public availability of
<a href="http://mohsen.1.banan.byname.net/PLPC/120033">PLPC-120033</a> –
<a href="http://mohsen.1.banan.byname.net/PLPC/120033">Nature Of Poly-Existenials:<br>
Basis For Abolishment Of The Western Intellectual Property Rights Regime</a><br>
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</p><p>Dear Colleague:</p><p>Happy May day. Intellectual workers of the world unite!</p><p>The sense in which I broadly
address you as a colleague is based on the particular aspect of our
professions’ relationship to patents and copyright (Intellectual
Property – IP). I am a software and internet engineer. </p><p>In a way, you and I are both “Intellectual Workers”. Our
professions – be it: software, engineering, teaching, research,
arts, journalism, medicine, pharmacy, plant biology, etc. – all
involve production or propagation of Intellectual Property. As a
medical doctor, when you prescribe patented medications, you are
propagating patents. As a software engineer working for the likes
of Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc when you write code,
you are producing copyrighted opaque, restricted and proprietary software and
internet services.</p><p>Hence, the way that the patent and copyright systems operate impact
our professions. The purpose of this communication with you is in the
context of each of our profession’s responsibility towards health of the
society and the responsibilities of each of us towards our profession.</p><p>This responsibilities oriented model is distinct and different from
the generally economic American model. If you do not believe in the
notion of the responsibilities that I mentioned, then contents of this
email are likely not of interest to you.</p><p>The notion of Intellectual Property is a fundamental and
colossal mistake.
The Western Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) regime
directly and indirectly impacts autonomy and privacy of the
individual and health of society.
The IPR model has unleashed certain dynamics that result in
us seeing more deterioration of more aspects of our
autonomy and privacy every day.
These dynamics are complex and include further empowerment
of corporations and the corporate model, leading to Corpocracy.
IPR regime has put humanity in danger. But, this is not commonly well
understood.</p><p>The debate on validity of Intellectual Property can now be closed.
I have came up with a model that can be used to <span style="font-weight:bold">prove</span>
that copyright and patent laws are invalid as any form of personal property.
The proof that I offer is rooted purely in nature and logic. It stands
completely outside of particular human belief systems and societal
consensus. Therefore, the proof for invalidity of the Western IP
regime is not limited to its context within any particular
society. Western IP is universally invalid.</p><p>I am presenting my thoughts in a document titled:</p><blockquote class="quote">
<span style="font-weight:bold">The Nature of Poly-Existentials:</span><br>
<span style="font-weight:bold">Basis for Abolishment of The Western Intellectual Property Rights Regime</span><br>
<a href="http://mohsen.1.banan.byname.net/PLPC/120033">http://mohsen.1.banan.byname.net/PLPC/120033</a>
— [<a href="#PLPC-120033">8</a>]<br>
</blockquote><p>The scope of this document is most of what surrounds Intellectual Property.
The full document is about 200 pages. The pdf format is available for both
<a href="http://mohsen.1.banan.byname.net/content/generated/doc.free/mohsen/PLPC/120033/current/articleEnFa.pdf">US paper size</a> and
<a href="http://mohsen.1.banan.byname.net/content/generated/doc.free/mohsen/PLPC/120033/current/articleEnFa-a4.pdf">A4 paper size</a>.</p><p>There are 3 main parts to the document. In the first part, we
introduce the concept of poly-existence and based on that prove
that IP is invalid. In the second part, we debunk common myth that
surrounds the Western IPR regime. In the third part we propose
some cures towards eradicating this disease.</p><p>I am including the introductory section of the document below. After reviewing this
introduction, if you decide to read the full document, I’ll be very
interested in receiving your thoughts and feedback. </p><p>At your service,</p><table style="border-spacing:6px;border-collapse:separate;" class="cellpading0"><tr><td style="text-align:left;white-space:nowrap" >Mohsen Banan</td><td style="text-align:left;white-space:nowrap" ><a href="http://mohsen.1.banan.byname.net">http://mohsen.1.banan.byname.net</a></td></tr>
<tr><td style="text-align:left;white-space:nowrap" >محسن بنان</td><td style="text-align:left;white-space:nowrap" ><a href="http://mohsen.1.banan.byname.net/persian">http://mohsen.1.banan.byname.net/persian</a></td></tr>
<tr><td style="text-align:left;white-space:nowrap" >Libre-Halaal Foundation</td><td style="text-align:left;white-space:nowrap" ><a href="http://www.freeprotocols.org">http://www.freeprotocols.org</a></td></tr>
<tr><td style="text-align:left;white-space:nowrap" >Neda Communications, Inc.</td><td style="text-align:left;white-space:nowrap" ><a href="http://www.neda.com">http://www.neda.com</a></td></tr>
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<tr><td style="text-align:left;white-space:nowrap" >&nbsp;</td></tr>
</p><!--TOC section id="sec1" Contents-->
<h2 id="sec1" class="section">Contents</h2><!--SEC END --><ul class="TofC"><li>
<a href="#sec2">1  Mono-Existentials, Poly-Existentials And Mixed-Existentials</a>
</li><li><a href="#sec3">2  The Nature Of Poly-Existentials Makes Them Unownable</a>
</li><li><a href="#sec4">3  This Document is in Globish</a>
</li><li><a href="#sec5">4  Relevant Globish Vocabulary</a>
</li><li><a href="#sec6">5  This Is A Draft — Request For Feedback</a>
</li><li><a href="#sec7">6  Our Motivations And Our Purposes For Writing This Document</a>
</li><li><a href="#sec8">7  The Libre-Halaal Manner-Of-Existence Of This Document</a>
</li><li><a href="#sec9">8  You, Your Choices And Your Responsibility</a>
</li><li><a href="#sec10">9  Our Invitations To You</a>
<ul class="TofC"><li>
<a href="#sec11">9.1  Invitations Towards Global Abolishment Of Western IPR Regime</a>
</li><li><a href="#sec12">9.2  Invitations Towards Global Adoption Of The Likes Of ByStar Libre-Halaal Digital Ecosystem</a>
</li><li><a href="#sec13">9.3  Invitations Towards Eastern Societal Libre-Halaal Strategies</a>
<!--TOC section id="sec2" Mono-Existentials, Poly-Existentials And Mixed-Existentials-->
<h2 id="sec2" class="section">1  Mono-Existentials, Poly-Existentials And Mixed-Existentials</h2><!--SEC END --><p>That which exists in nature in multiples, we call poly-existentials.
That which exists in nature in singular, we call
All material objects exist in singular and are mono-existentials.
Ideas, information and knowledge exist in nature in multiples – not in
singular. Ideas, Information and knowledge are poly-existentials.
Much of our world is actually a mixture of mono-existentials and
poly-existentials, which we call mixed-existentials.</p><p>In this document we analyze the topic of <a id=""></a>Intellectual Property
(<a id=""></a>IP) from a new perspective.
The topic of monopolistic
ownership oriented restriction of poly-existentials and Western
<a id=""></a>Intellectual Property Rights
(<a id=""></a>IPR)
are one and the same.
Yet, the concept and terminology of poly-existentials has not appeared in
prior discussions of this topic.
This is
the very first time that the concept and the word “poly-existentials”
are being introduced.</p><p>The traditional perspective on Intellectual Property is that, it
is debatable. Some good arguments have been made in its favor and
some good arguments have been made opposing it. Some are for it
and some are against it. It is perceived to be economically more
profitable to be for it, than to be against it. So, in the West,
a whole lot more people are in its favor.</p><p>The model of poly-existence makes it easy to prove that the
concept of Intellectual Property is erroneous. This proof is
based on logic that is rooted in nature of existence and nature
of possession and the requirement for ownership to be in harmony
with nature of possession and existence. Unlike other writings on
this subject, we do not consider this as part of any debate. In
this document we prove that the basic concepts of Intellectual
Property are invalid.</p><p>The IPR regime is about extending the model and
concept of ownership of mono-existentials to the realm of
poly-existentials by creating artificial scarcity. This is against the
nature of poly-existence. </p><p>Ownership of poly-existentials impacts their manner-of-existence
towards being monopolistically controlled and towards becoming internally
opaque. Monopolistic oriented restriction of poly-existentials has
ramifications on autonomy and privacy of the individual and health of
societies. Natural dynamics of Western IP restrictions result in
reduced autonomy and privacy of the individual and result in transfer
of more power to corporations and Corpocracy. Any digital ecosystem that
is rooted in Western IPR puts humanity in danger. A moral alternative
to the American proprietary digital ecosystem (Internet as we know it
today) is called for.</p><p>The first part of this document is concerned with ontology of
poly-existentials. We construct the “Poly-Existentials Reference
Model” in order to analyze the nature of what IP restricts.
Poly-existentials are naturally un-scarce and naturally
multi-possessable and naturally un-territorial. Therefore
poly-existentials are unownable. Western IP regime is about
ownership (monopolistic restriction) of poly-existentials. The
concept of poly-existence through the poly-existentials reference
model makes the fraudulence of Western IPR regime clear and
obvious.</p><p>This first part is also available as a standalone document in:</p><blockquote class="quote">
<span style="font-weight:bold">Poly-Existentials Reference Model</span><br>
<span style="font-weight:bold">A Framework For Mapping Of</span><br>
<span style="font-weight:bold">The Western Intellectual Property Model To Poly-Existentials</span><br>
<a href="http://mohsen.1.banan.byname.net/PLPC/120068">http://mohsen.1.banan.byname.net/PLPC/120068</a>
— [<a href="#PLPC-120068">10</a>]<br>
</blockquote><p>In the second part of this document, we engage in discrediting of the
IPR regime through debunking the arguments that have been put forward in
its support and we address the false beliefs surrounding Western
consensuses. We also put on the table the character of those who
originated it and who are pushing it. Westerners are vested in their
IPR regime. It is not in their interest to understand the invalidity
of IPR. We point out that when a given society gets its
fundamental ownership rules wrong, the consequences are severe. When
most of the world gets its fundamental ownership rules wrong, the
consequences are catastrophic.</p><p>This second part is also available as a standalone document in:</p><blockquote class="quote">
<span style="font-weight:bold">Debunking Myth Of Western Intelectual Property Rights Regime</span><br>
<span style="font-weight:bold">Based On The Poly-Existentials Reference Model</span><br>
<a href="http://mohsen.1.banan.byname.net/PLPC/120069">http://mohsen.1.banan.byname.net/PLPC/120069</a>
— [<a href="#PLPC-120069">9</a>]<br>
</blockquote><p>The third part of this document is about solutions and cures. We
advocate full rejection of the Western IPR regime. We then
advance a specific replacement strategy which includes societal
and global governance models that require halaal
manner-of-existence of poly-existentials. We then propose
construction of a complete ethics oriented digital ecosystem
which has autonomy and privacy of the individual at its core. We
then introduce a starting point for such a digital ecosystem called:
<a href="http://www.by-star.net">The Libre-Halaal ByStar Digital Ecosystem</a>.
Finally we postulate a set of societal strategies that in theory
can cure Eastern societies and do an economic number on
Western IPR vulnerabilities.</p><p>This document is vast in scope and in ambition. And, this
generally public version is just a beginning which should be
considered a draft. The first and second part are complete enough
to deserve scrutiny. The third part is incomplete but has enough
material to convey its intent and direction.
Throughout these three parts, our main goal is to underscore the
importance of this topic and to agitate towards further discussions.</p>
<!--TOC section id="sec3" The Nature Of Poly-Existentials Makes Them Unownable-->
<h2 id="sec3" class="section">2  The Nature Of Poly-Existentials Makes Them Unownable</h2><!--SEC END --><p>A thesis of this document is that poly-existentials are unownable.
Poly-existentials cannot be personal property.</p><p>Our analysis revolves around the relationships among:
</p><ol class="enumerate" type=1><li class="li-enumerate">
</li><li class="li-enumerate">Possession
</li><li class="li-enumerate">Ownership
</li></ol><p>Existence and possession are aspects of nature, but ownership is a human
construct. Ownership, as man made rules, can in theory be anything.
In that sense, anything and everything is ownable. We then draw a
distinction between “proper ownership rules” and “improper
ownership rules”. We consider proper ownership rules as those which
are in harmony with existence and possession aspects of nature and
which result in enduring amelioration of society and humanity. An
acknowledged recent Western improper ownership rule is Americans’
ownership rules for Africans as slaves. Existence of humans as equals makes them
unownable. It is in this context that we consider poly-existentials
as ownable or unownable.</p><p>To a certain extent, each society’s ownership rules reflect that
society’s values and character. Intellectual Property as
ownership rules represents the American and Western model for
governance of poly-existentials. Since for Americans, IP is
directly sourced from the U.S. Constitution and since analysis of
ownership involves both the governed (poly-existentials) and the
governor, the American character is on the table. We therefore
need to fully consider it within our scope to analyze and
understand why these people (Americans) have come up with these
ownership rules (IP).</p><p>Ownership rules exisit to resolve conflicts and to improve order in society.
Main ownability requirements are the following:
</p><ol class="enumerate" type=1><li class="li-enumerate">
Exclusive Possession – What is to be owned must be possessable
by only one possessor at any given time.
</li><li class="li-enumerate">Scarcity – What is plentiful need not be owned.
</li><li class="li-enumerate">Territoriality – Assignment of ownership in a given place should not impact
other ownerships in other places. </li><li class="li-enumerate">Harmony with existence of the owned. </li></ol><p>The nature of poly-existentials violates these requirements:
</p><ol class="enumerate" type=1><li class="li-enumerate">
Poly-existentials (e.g., ideas, formulas, knowledge) can be possessed
by multiple possessors at the same time.
</li><li class="li-enumerate">Each poly-existential can easily be copied and can therefore be plentiful.
Each poly-existential is not scarce.
</li><li class="li-enumerate">Each poly-existential can exist in multiple places at the sametime.
Each poly-existential can be possessed by multiple possessors in different places
at the same time. Poly-existentials are non-territorial.
</li></ol><p>Poly-existentials are therfore unownable.</p><p>Western Intellectual Property Rights regime
is an umbrella misnomer to cover the
following branches of US and Western laws:
</p><ul class="itemize"><li class="li-itemize">
</li><li class="li-itemize">patent
</li><li class="li-itemize">trademark
</li></ul><p>Copyright, patent and trademark provide for ownership oriented
monopolistic restrictions of poly-existentials. Each of these branches
of Western law directly map to different forms of monopolistic
restriction and ownership of different aspects of certain types
of poly-existentials.</p><p>Since poly-existentials are unownable; copyright, patent and trademark
laws as individual branches of law and collectively as Intellectual
Property Rights regime are therefore invalid.</p><p>Ramifications of incorrect ownership laws can put societies and
humanity at risk.</p><p>The context of mono-existence is inherently local.
The context of poly-existence is inherently un-territorial, global and universal.</p>
<!--TOC section id="sec4" This Document is in Globish-->
<h2 id="sec4" class="section">3  This Document is in Globish</h2><!--SEC END --><p>This document is in Globish. It is not in conventional Anglo-American<a id=""></a> English.</p><p>See the document titled “Introducing Globish into Globish” [<a href="#PLPC-120038">4</a>] for a
description of Globish. That document also includes references to other specific words and
concepts relevant to this document.
Briefly, Globish (mixture of Glob-al and Engl-ish) is the language that a Chinese may use to communicate with a Brazilian.</p><p>The intended audience for this document is all of humanity.</p><p>Some of the concepts developed in this document stand separate from American and Western
values. Some of these concepts specifically reject American and Western values.
Western readers need to pay extra attention, as many of their
assumptions are likely not ours.</p><p>So-called Intellectual Property Rights (patent, copyright and trademark laws) are
fundamentally Western concepts. They are primarily rooted in the American, English,
French and European cultures. Much of our audience has
not had these beliefs and should not permit these corrupt beliefs to enter
their cultures. That segment of our audience that has patent and
copyright traditions in their culture and their belief system need to
recognize that these beliefs are by no means universal.</p>
<!--TOC section id="sec5" Relevant Globish Vocabulary-->
<h2 id="sec5" class="section">4  Relevant Globish Vocabulary</h2><!--SEC END --><p>Intellectual Property Rights regime is a set of societal rules.
IPR regime is a Western construct.
The concepts and vocabulary of IPR are Western and are targeted towards
justification, protections, promotion and propagation of the Western IPR regime.</p><p>The basis of analysis of this document is Eastern.
Many of the concepts that we use to invalidate Western IPR regime are
not rooted in Anglo-American<a id=""></a> English. Through out this document,
there are also a number of important words and concepts that we use in
their Globish sense and not in the Anglo-American<a id=""></a> English (Western)
sense.</p><p>The concepts behind these words, to a large extent, have directed our
analysis and as such are key to understanding this
document. Recognizing the specific contexts for our use of these
words is essential for understanding our exposition. Here we provide a
short list of some of the key words and concepts that are essential for
our exposition.</p><dl class="description"><dt class="dt-description">
<span style="font-weight:bold">Libre:</span></dt><dd class="dd-description"> <br>
Libre is a substitute for the word free in English which
distinguishes the freedom sense from the gratis sense. Libre in
Globish refers to the sense of freedom in the word “free”. The
other and dominant sense of the word free is gratis (free of
charge). In the context of this document our use of Libre is in the
scope of freedom from Western societal restrictions that come as a result of
IPR regime’s restrictions. This scoping of Libre is different from
FLOSS’s (Free and Libre Open Source Software) scope of the user’s freedom as it applies to Free Software.</dd><dt class="dt-description"><span style="font-weight:bold">Conviviality Of Tools</span></dt><dd class="dd-description"> <br>
By conviviality we refer to the concept of
“Tools for Conviviality” as Ivan Illich<a id=""></a>
introduced it. <p>In the document titled:</p><blockquote class="quote">
<span style="font-weight:bold">Introducing Convivial Into Globish</span><br>
<a href="http://mohsen.banan.1.byname.net/PLPC/120037">http://mohsen.banan.1.byname.net/PLPC/120037</a>
— [<a href="#PLPC-120037">1</a>]<br>
</blockquote><p>we introduce the term "Convivial" into Globish.</p><p>Briefly, in Illich’s words:</p><blockquote class="quote">
To the degree that an individual masters his tools, he can invest
the world with his meaning; to the degree that he is mastered by his
tools, the shape of the tool determines his own
self-image. Convivial tools are those which give each person who
uses them the greatest opportunity to enrich the environment with
the fruits of his or her vision. Industrial tools deny this
possibility to those who use them and they allow their designers to
determine the meaning and expectations of others.
</blockquote><p>Western IPR model of poly-existentials leads to industriality of tools
where the tool maker is more in charge.</p><p>The Libre-Halaal<a id=""></a> model of poly-existentials leads to conviviality of
tools where the tool user is more in charge.</p><p>We expand on this in the Section titled “Tools For Conviviality”.</p></dd><dt class="dt-description"><a id=""></a><span style="font-weight:bold">Halaal and Haraam</span></dt><dd class="dd-description"> – «حلال و حرام» <br>
In English, halaal and haraam are over simplified Orientalist
adoptions that map onto “permitted” or “prohibited” and which come
with islamophobia negative connotations.<p>In Globish, philosophical halaal is “manifestation” of “moral
sensibilities” relevant to a specific topic where “the set of
actions” map to “right.” </p><p>We use the words halaal and haraam as vehicles for expression
of ethics and morality as we have formally defined them in:</p><blockquote class="quote">
<span style="font-weight:bold">Introducing Halaal and Haraam into Globish</span><br>
<span style="font-weight:bold">Based on Moral Philosophy of Abstract Halaal</span><br>
<span style="font-weight:bold">And Defining The Libre-Halaal Label</span><br>
<span style="font-weight:bold">
</span><span style="font-weight:bold">معرفیِ دنیاییِ حلال و حرام<br>
و تعریفِ حلالْ−وجودیِ چند وجودی‌ها<br>

<a href="http://mohsen.1.banan.byname.net/PLPC/120039">http://mohsen.1.banan.byname.net/PLPC/120039</a>
— [<a href="#PLPC-120039">3</a>]<br>
</blockquote><p>A particular focus of this document
is to identify halaal and haraam
manner-of-existence of poly-existentials. We conclude that the
Western IPR regime leads to the haraam manner-of-existence of
poly-existentials.</p><p>We elaborate on this in a Section titled “Proper Governance Of Poly-Existentials: Halaal And HaraamManner Of Poly-Existence”.</p></dd><dt class="dt-description"><span style="font-weight:bold">Libre-Halaal</span><a id=""></a></dt><dd class="dd-description"> <br>
Libre-Halaal is the label that we apply for the halaal
manner-of-existence of poly-existentials.
A necessary condition for conviviality of poly-existential tools is
their Libre-Halaalness. <p>In a Section titled “The Libre-Halaal Label”,
we expand on this.</p><p>In a Section titled “In Search Of The Right Label For Correct Manner-Of-Existence Of Software”,
we describe why Libre-Halaal is superior to “Free Software”,
“Open Source”, and other FLOSS attempts at labeling Halaal
manner-of-existence of software (and other poly-existentials).</p></dd><dt class="dt-description"><a id=""></a><span style="font-weight:bold">East and West</span></dt><dd class="dd-description"> <br>
East and West represent labels for spheres of consensus.<p>Some of the important concepts that the <a id=""></a>Western sphere of consensus
focuses on are: supremacy of markets, economics, competition,
dominance, exploitation and freedoms of the individual and the
corporation and separation of religion from governance.</p><p>Some of the important concepts that the <a id=""></a>Eastern sphere of consensus
focuses on are: supremacy of family and society, social cohesion,
societal harmony, ethics, morality and sanctity of speech and
the intertwinedness of religion and governance. </p><p>The fundamental difference in perspective between East and West
is in the context of individual and society. An Eastern Iranian may
communicate this to a Western American with the following phrases:
“The largest societal unit in America is the individual.
The smallest societal unit in Iran is the family”</p><p>East and West have been engaged in “Models Wars”. The West
considers its models as universal and has been imposing them on
the East. Some Eastern societies have been resisting.
Resisting the Western IPR regime is an important battle ground in
these Models Wars.</p><p>We expand on this in
<a href="http://mohsen.banan.1.byname.net/PLPC/120043">“Introducing East and West into Globish”</a>,
[<a href="#PLPC-120043">2</a>].</p></dd><dt class="dt-description"><span style="font-weight:bold">Orientalism</span><a id=""></a></dt><dd class="dd-description"> <br>
Orientalism<a id=""></a> is agenda driven definition of Eastern concepts, customs and
characteristics by Westerners aimed at the West’s establishment of
difference and superiority for the purpose of exploiting East and
Easterners.<p>Our use of the word “Orientalism” is in the context of Edward
Saeid’s book titled “Orientalism<a id=""></a>” [<a href="#orientalism">13</a>].</p><p>The history of Orientalism<a id=""></a> has led to a false belief by Westerners
that the Western IPR regime is universal.</p></dd><dt class="dt-description"><span style="font-weight:bold">West-toxication</span></dt><dd class="dd-description"> – «غرب زدگی» <br>
<a id=""></a>West-toxication is a term that Iranians
have created and use to denote pernicious Western influence
that is to be rejected.<p>West-toxication represents the impact of Orientalism on some
Easterners which has led to their belief that Western model is
superior to the Eastern model in almost all respects.</p><p>We use the word west-toxication in the context that
Jalaal Al-Ahamad<a id=""></a> introduced it in his
Gharbzadegi<a id=""></a> book in 1966
[<a href="#Repub-120024">12</a>].</p><p>History of West-toxication has led some Easterners to believe
that the Western IPR regime is universal, because it is Western.</p><p>We expand on this in a Section titled “Western IPR Regime: An instrument of neo-colonialism”.
</p></dd><dt class="dt-description"><span style="font-weight:bold">Americanism and Americanist</span><a id=""></a><span style="font-weight:bold">s</span></dt><dd class="dd-description"> <br>
In English, <a id=""></a>Americanism is the
self-congratulatory celebration of the likes of: free markets,
rugged individualism, capitalism, the corporation, free speech,
free Facebook<a id=""></a> friends, the national rifle
association, market driven health care and TV advertised
prescription drugs.<p>In Globish, Americanism is the model of
self-toxication «خود زدگی» of economic creatures
existing in an industrial context.</p><p>The Globish’s Americanism contrasts against the English’s Americanism
in humanity’s context.</p><p>We identify americanism as the root of the Western IPR problem.</p><p>We expand on this in a Section titled “Americanism: Root Of The Western IPR Problem”.</p></dd><dt class="dt-description"><span style="font-weight:bold">So-Called Western IPR Regime</span></dt><dd class="dd-description"> <br>

In Anglo-American<a id=""></a> English, “Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)” has
become revered and chic terminology which is often portrayed as
moral, ethical and universal.<p>In Globish, we reject all of that.
The entirety of what some call “Intellectual Property Rights” is a
rigged misnomer. Western copyright and patent artificial laws are
not about property or rights or intellectuality.</p><p>For this reason we usually prefix IPR with “Western” and “so-called.”</p><p>We expand on this in a Section titled “So-Called Western Intellectual Property Rights: A Rigged Misnomer”.
</p></dd></dl><p>Understanding of poly-existence plus the above concepts and words,
very simply and naturally lead to the obvious recognition of fraudulence of the Western
IPR regime. Yet, because it is not in the interest of many to recognize fraudulence of
the Western IPR regime we need to apply more than just logic.
Through out this document we further develop the above concepts
for those who have difficulty putting aside their interests
in favor of logic and reason. Many of the these concepts resonates in the East and are
suppressed by the West.</p><p>These permit us to change the center of gravity of this topic from individualism and economics to ethics and
harmony with nature.</p>
<!--TOC section id="sec6" This Is A Draft — Request For Feedback-->
<h2 id="sec6" class="section">5  This Is A Draft — Request For Feedback</h2><!--SEC END --><p>The primary URL for this document is: <a href="http://mohsen.1.banan.byname.net/PLPC/120033"><span style="font-family:monospace">http://mohsen.1.banan.byname.net/PLPC/120033</span></a>. The pdf format is authoritative.</p><p>Distribution of this document is unrestricted. We encourage you to forward it to others.</p><p>Many of the concepts that we present in this document are
non-conventional and perhaps new. This is the very first time that a
categorization of the world with the labels of Mono-Existentials and
Poly-Existentials is being introduced. And it is the first time that
the Western IPR regime is being viewed as a mapping onto restriction
of poly-existentials. </p><p>As such, some of what is being presented is in early stages of being
understood. This document is evolving and
should be considered a draft – we plan to follow up with further
updates and enhancements. Yet, the core concepts have been adequately
developed and our conclusions are correct. Therefore, this revision of
the document can be envisaged ready for early considerations.</p><p>Additionally, our analysis has had to be very
multi-disciplinary. So we have had to dabbled in chemistry, physics,
biology, information theory, computer science, logic, philosophy, ethics,
theology, sociology, law and economics. Clearly we are not experts in all of these fields.</p><p>We can benefit from your feedback. Please let us know your thoughts. You can send us your
comments and criticisms via the URL http://mohsen.1.banan.byname.net/contact, or by email
to ***@mohsen.1.banan.byname.net.</p><p>We are interested in having translations of this document in other
languages. A summary in Persian (Farsi) is available in:
<a href="http://mohsen.banan.1.byname.net/PLPC/120071">http://mohsen.banan.1.byname.net/PLPC/120071</a>.
Please let us know if you wish to assist with translations of this
document.</p><p>We thank you for your assistance.</p>
<!--TOC section id="sec7" Our Motivations And Our Purposes For Writing This Document-->
<h2 id="sec7" class="section">6  Our Motivations And Our Purposes For Writing This Document</h2><!--SEC END --><p>We are software engineers. The Western IPR regime has crippled our
profession by prohibiting collaboration and transferring more power to
corporate businessmen. This has led to dominance of internally opaque
software and internally opaque internet services.
Internally opaque
software and internally internet services foster a competitive model
which stifle engineering collaboration.
Internally opaque
software and internally opaque internet services in turn lead to deterioration of
individual’s autonomy and privacy.</p><p>Our profession, software and internet engineering, has a
responsibility to society and we have a responsibility to our
profession. It is towards fulfillment of our responsibilities to our
profession and our profession’s responsibility to society and humanity
that we have prepared this document.</p><p>Because we have been close to writing of software and creation of internet services,
we understand the ramifications of the Western IPR regime better than many others.
Dynamics of the Western IPR regime are such that they put society and humanity at risk.</p><p>We have concluded that the Western IPR regime is a colossal mistake.</p><p>Let’s say that based on solid logic we could demonstrate that
the bases for establishment of IPR regime is fundamentally wrong and
that IPR regime results in serious harm to society and humanity.
What impact would that have?
Contemporary global mistakes often result in entrenched vested interests.
Many powerful people and entities are deeply vested in Western IPR.
Such deep
economic interests often prevent people’s willingness to hear and follow basic logic.</p><p>The Western IPR regime is a sphere of consensus that can not be changed
based on logic and reason alone.
Therefore, the scope and purpose of this document can not be limited to
logic and reason alone.</p><p>The consequences of the IPR Western ownership mistake are even more
grave than the previous Western ownership mistake – that of slavery
of Africans by Americans based on formal Western laws of ownership of
human beings. This time ramifications of the mistake are broader than
just America or the West, they put all of humanity in danger.</p><p>Ramifications and harm of the Western IPR regime are far broader than
they are generally understood. Western IPR regime indirectly impacts the
individual’s autonomy and privacy and distorts the relationship between
individuals and corporation.</p><p>In this document we address much of what surrounds IPR. Our goal is
to open the subject wide towards tangible results.</p><ol class="enumerate" type=1><li class="li-enumerate">We introduce the concept of poly-existentials and based on that
we evaluate the validity of the Western IPR regime based on logic.
Based on that analysis we conclude that all basis for establishment
of Western IPR regime are invalid.</li><li class="li-enumerate">It is clear that poly-existentials should not be owned and it is
clear that the Western IPR regime should be abolished. But
abolishment of IPR regime should not lead to ungoverned
poly-existence. Poly-existentials should be regarded as “public
goods” and as such deserve legal protection because of negative
externalities which arise if poly-existentials are not properly
governed.<p>We frame the question of correct governance of
poly-existentials in their halaal and haraam manner-of-existence.</p></li><li class="li-enumerate">We then recognize digital as the most potent form of
poly-existentials and put forward concrete definitions for halaal
manner-of-existence of software and internet Services and label them
as Libre-Halaal.</li><li class="li-enumerate">In a document titled:<blockquote class="quote">
<span style="font-weight:bold">Definition Of The Libre-Halaal Software Label</span><br>
<span style="font-weight:bold">Defining Halaal Manner-Of-Existence Of Software</span><br>
<a href="http://www.by-star.net/PLPC/180044">http://www.by-star.net/PLPC/180044</a>
— [<a href="#PLPC-180044">6</a>]<br>
</blockquote><p>and also at the web site:</p><blockquote class="quote">
<a href="http://www.halaalsoftware.org">http://www.halaalsoftware.org</a>
</blockquote><p>we provide definitional criteria for halaal manner-of-existence of software.</p></li><li class="li-enumerate">In a document titled:<blockquote class="quote">
<span style="font-weight:bold">Definition Of The Libre-Halaal Internet Services Label</span><br>
<span style="font-weight:bold">Defining Halaal Manner-Of-Existence Of Internet Application Services</span><br>
<span style="font-weight:bold">A non-proprietary model for delivery of Internet services</span><br>
<a href="http://www.by-star.net/PLPC/180045">http://www.by-star.net/PLPC/180045</a>
— [<a href="#PLPC-180045">5</a>]<br>
</blockquote><p>and also at the web site:</p><blockquote class="quote">
<a href="http://www.libreservices.org">http://www.libreservices.org</a>
</blockquote><p>we provide definitional criteria for halaal manner-of-existence of internet services.</p></li><li class="li-enumerate">We then debunk common arguments in favor of validity of the
Western IPR Regime.
We recognize and illustrate that it is not reasonable to
expect that Americanist<a id=""></a>s could be awakened. This disease can not
be stopped in the West. Our hope is with the East.</li><li class="li-enumerate">Our focus then shifts towards solutions. We propose a number of
abstract cures towards replacing the current Western IPR traditions.</li><li class="li-enumerate">Having confined ourselves with halaal
manner-of-existence of software and internet services,
we move towards creation of a complete parallel Libre-Halaal
digital ecosystem.<p>In a document titled:</p><blockquote class="quote">
<span style="font-weight:bold">The Libre-Halaal ByStar Digital Ecosystem</span><br>
<span style="font-weight:bold">A Unified and Non-Proprietary Model For Autonomous Internet Services</span><br>
<span style="font-weight:bold">A Moral Alternative To The Proprietary American Digital Ecosystem</span><br>
<a href="http://www.by-star.net/PLPC/180016">http://www.by-star.net/PLPC/180016</a>
— [<a href="#PLPC-180016">7</a>]<br>
</blockquote><p>and also at the web site:</p><blockquote class="quote">
<a href="http://www.by-star.net">http://www.by-star.net</a>
</blockquote><p>which is partially reproduced in a Chapter titled “Tangible Cure: The Libre-Halaal ByStar Digital Ecosystem”.
we describe the contours of a cure.</p></li><li class="li-enumerate">Equipped with a tangible initial Libre-Halaal digital ecosystem, we then turn our
attention to economics and business.<p>In a Chapter titled “Global Poly-Existential And Mixed-Existential Capitalism”,
we analyze and distinguish
dynamics of Mono-Existential Capitalism<a id=""></a> vs Poly-Existential Capitalism<a id=""></a>.</p><p>In a document titled:</p><blockquote class="quote">
<span style="font-weight:bold">The By* Federation of Autonomous Libre Services</span><br>
<span style="font-weight:bold">An Inversion to Proprietary Internet Services Model</span><br>
<span style="font-weight:bold">An Open Business Plan</span><br>
<a href="http://www.by-star.net/PLPC/180014">http://www.by-star.net/PLPC/180014</a>
— [<a href="#PLPC-180014">11</a>]<br>
</blockquote><p>and also in the web site:</p><blockquote class="quote">
<a href="http://www.neda.com/strategicVision/businessPlan">http://www.neda.com/strategicVision/businessPlan</a>
</blockquote><p>we present an <span style="font-weight:bold">Open Business Plan</span><a id=""></a>
towards making ByStar widespread.</p></li><li class="li-enumerate">Our ultimate goal is to influence formulation of national
policies and adoption at societal level of halaal
manner-of-existence of poly-existentials in general and Libre-Halaal
Software and Libre-Halaal Internet Services in particular.<p>In the Western context in general and in the American context in
particular, in this domain, at best such a goal is academic.</p><p>In the Eastern context in general and in the Iranian context in
particular, with these understandings, we believe it is possible to
move towards governance of poly-existentials based on their halaal
manner-of-existence.</p><p>To this end, in a Chapter titled “Theoretical Eastern Societal Cures”,
we have proposed a set of software and internet services national policies for Iran that
are equally applicable to other Eastern societies.</p></li></ol><p>Each part of this document has a particular tone and a specific
style. The parts that introduce the concept and terminology of nature
of poly-existentials are scholarly, formal, logic based, and persuasion
oriented.</p><p>The parts that deal with exposure of the Western IPR regime mistake
are by choice inflammatory and aggressive. Our philosophical analysis
is that nature of poly-existentials leads to the natural right to copy
and the natural right to apply knowledge without any monopoly oriented restrictions.
This in turn naturally leads to full rejection of the restrictive IPR
regime. The context of poly-existentials is inherently universal. It
is the responsibility of those who wish to restrict our (humans)
natural rights, to make a case for their model. The burden of proof is
on them not on us. </p><p>A meaningful case for IPR has never been made. So,
where appropriate we mock and we ridicule the Western status quo. We
frequently toy with the self-absorption and overly individualistic
aspects of Western cultures. Logic and persuasion alone are
ineffective against the entrenched Western IPR disease. Exposure of
the Western IPR regime mistake also involves the clarification that
IPR is a Western and mostly American mistake. As such our tone may
come across as anti-American and anti-Western. Western readers need to
recognize that the intended audience of this document is all of
humanity and that the scope of this topic is all of humanity. The
nature of this topic is inherently global.</p><p>The purpose and scope of this document is not limited to analysis of
Western IPR disease. We also offer theoretical recipes for cures.
The parts of this document that
deal with the cure, occasionally go beyond persuasion and are
prophetic. The cure part is broken into Western cures and Eastern
cures – each with their own flavor.</p><p>Content of this document reflects our independent thoughts. We
have not received any funding for producing this document.
We have not written this
document in the traditional context of Western IPR where the
result of our work are expected to bring economic rewards.
We have something to say and we want
others to read it and discuss it – towards the progress of
science and useful arts. Verbatim copying of this
poly-existential is unrestricted. We believe that the
collaborative model is the one which motivates real engineers,
real scientists and real artists.</p><p>We are law abiding citizens. We underscore the corrupt nature of
Western IPR regime, but we do not advocate illegal or
unauthorized copying in applicable territory. We advocate the
abolishment of Western IPR regime. In the mean time, we
encourage authors and inventors to subject their work to
non-restrictive copyright and no patents or non-restrictive
(defensive) patents in applicable territories. We advocate full
rejection of the Western IPR regime in territories where they may
be under consideration.</p><p>The anti-Americanist<a id=""></a> tone and our focus on
curing Eastern societies is not towards a market oriented
agenda. It is reality and logic that has taken us there. In
an Appendix titled “About The Author”,
we include our profile for those
curious about the tone of this document.</p>
<!--TOC section id="sec8" The Libre-Halaal Manner-Of-Existence Of This Document-->
<h2 id="sec8" class="section">7  The Libre-Halaal Manner-Of-Existence Of This Document</h2><!--SEC END --><p>Not only is this document a Libre-Halaal poly-existential, but it
has been produced, published and distributed by pure Libre-Halaal
Software and Libre-Halaal Internet Services. In an Appendix titled “Colophon”,
we provide a
summary of how purely Libre-Halaal convivial tools can produce
results that surpass their
Proprietary-Haraam<a id=""></a> competitors.</p>
<!--TOC section id="sec9" You, Your Choices And Your Responsibility-->
<h2 id="sec9" class="section">8  You, Your Choices And Your Responsibility</h2><!--SEC END --><p>Our primary focus in this document is governance of
poly-existentials. Therefore, both the governed (poly-existentials)
and the governor (economic creatures vs humans) need to be subjects of
our analysis. In the context of governorship,
throughout this document, in parallel with the model of poly-existence,
we draw a clear and explicit distinction between being an economic
creature and being a human. </p><p>In a sense then, you are part of the governorship. Governance of
poly-existentials by humans for humanity would be distinct and
different from governance of poly-existentials by economic creatures
for economic creatures. We have a choice. Ownership is a human construct.
We are in charge.</p><p>Americanism as a model for self-toxicated economic creature existing
in an industrial context has led to the creation of the artificial
competition oriented Western Intellectual Property Rights regime.
Humanism as a model for humans living in societies leads to the
natural collaboration oriented Libre-Halaal poly-existential regime.
Americanism vs Humanism lies at the center of the conflict for
governance of manner-of-existence of poly-existentials.</p><p>Where do you fit in all of this? Are you a paticipant? Or are you just
an observer? Are you an “Intellectual Worker”?
Do you “own” any patents or copyright?
Are you an economic creature or, are you a human?
Do you have any responsibilities in these regards?</p><p>By an “Intellectual Worker”, we are referring to those involved in
production, organization and propagation of poly-existentials.
Professions related to: software, engineering, teaching, research,
arts, journalism, medicine, pharmacy, plant biology, etc. – all
involve production or propagation of poly-existentials. As a
medical doctor, when you prescribe patented medications, you are
propagating patents. As a software engineer working for the likes of
Microsoft, when you write code, you are producing copyrighted
material. Today, large parts of many societies are intellectual workers.
Enlarging of numbers of intellectual workers throughout the world is a
clear trend.</p><p>It is very convenient for intelectuall workers to assume the validity
of IP and become accomplices. Status quo is often very profitable for
intelectuall workers. It may well not be in your economic interest to
understand or to advocate that the basic concept of Intellectual
Propoerty Rights is wrong.</p><p>If you are an intellectual worker, you are a participant. And if you
are not just an economic creature, as a human, you have
responsibilities.</p><p>Your responsibilities start by being willing to understand – even when
it may not be in your economic interest to understand.</p><p>It could well be the case that you, on your own, can not do much to
impact the situation. But, collectively we can.</p>
<!--TOC section id="sec10" Our Invitations To You-->
<h2 id="sec10" class="section">9  Our Invitations To You</h2><!--SEC END --><p>The picture that we are drawing in this document is vast in scope
and in ambition. Thus far, the entire formulation and development
has been done by a very small team. Much of our work and much of
our writing is in its early stages of evolution.</p><p>These efforts can only be significant if participation and usage
is widespread and if collaborative development involves many. We
have created many venues to facilitate collaboration. And now we
ask you, to assist us in making this work widespread.</p><p>As a first step, we ask you to review what we have written and
give us your critique. If you think our work has merit, we also
ask you to help us in spreading the word. Please feel welcome to
further distribute this document where appropriate.</p><p>We invite you to assist in the collaborative development of
Libre-Halaal Software and Libre-Halaal Internet Services. And we
encourage you to avoid use of all
Proprietary-Haraam<a id=""></a> software, and
Proprietary-Haraam internet services.</p><p>Beyond this important intellectual contribution, we also invite
you to participate with action as appropriate in the context of
your own professional domain and in your own societal context.</p><p>Our invitation to you spans three aspects of what we present in this
<!--TOC subsection id="sec11" Invitations Towards Global Abolishment Of Western IPR Regime-->
<h3 id="sec11" class="subsection">9.1  Invitations Towards Global Abolishment Of Western IPR Regime</h3><!--SEC END --><p>In the context of our goal to demonstrate that Western IPR is a
mistake, our intended audience is all of humanity.</p><p>We believe that after reading this document and based on the
understanding of poly-existentials, any independent thinker would
conclude that the Western IPR regime should be abolished. However,
many are vested in the IPR regime and can not read this document as
independent thinkers.</p><p>So, we have a battle in our hand. And we ask for your assistance.</p><p>Please distribute this document as widely as possible, particularly
amongst regulatory entities, legislators and the press within your society.</p>
<!--TOC subsection id="sec12" Invitations Towards Global Adoption Of The Likes Of ByStar Libre-Halaal Digital Ecosystem-->
<h3 id="sec12" class="subsection">9.2  Invitations Towards Global Adoption Of The Likes Of ByStar Libre-Halaal Digital Ecosystem</h3><!--SEC END --><p>In a Part titled “Cure: Abolition Of Western IPR Regime”,
replacement for the Western IPR regime. We then say that our initial focus should be the
creation of a Libre-Halaal<a id=""></a> Digital Ecosystem.</p><p>In a Chapter titled “Tangible Cure: The Libre-Halaal ByStar Digital Ecosystem”,
we then introduce:<br>
<span style="font-weight:bold">The
Libre-Halaal ByStar Digital Ecosystem</span>, as a moral and ethical alternative to the
proprietary American digital ecosystem. An overview of this is also
provided in [<a href="#PLPC-180016">7</a>], available on-line at:<br>
<a href="http://www.by-star.net/PLPC/180016"><span style="font-family:monospace">http://www.by-star.net/PLPC/180016</span></a> and also at: <a href="http://www.by-star.net/"><span style="font-family:monospace">http://www.by-star.net/</span></a>.</p><p>We invite you to participate in propagation of ByStar.</p><p>Information for Joining ByStar<a id=""></a> is provided in Section .</p><p>If you are a qualified investor, we invite you to take a look at our Open Business Plan
at <a href="http://www.neda.com/strategicVision/businessPlan"><span style="font-family:monospace">http://www.neda.com/strategicVision/businessPlan</span></a>.
Consider ramifications of participating in something this huge and this proper!</p>
<!--TOC subsection id="sec13" Invitations Towards Eastern Societal Libre-Halaal Strategies-->
<h3 id="sec13" class="subsection">9.3  Invitations Towards Eastern Societal Libre-Halaal Strategies</h3><!--SEC END --><p>In a Chapter titled “Theoretical Eastern Societal Cures”,
we say that there is no hope for a societal cure for Western
societies and that we should focus on Eastern societies. We then
focus on Iran<a id=""></a> as a case study.</p><p>As an Easterner, we invite you to distribute this
document widely amongst academics and policy makers of your Eastern societies.</p><p>As a Muslim, ask the opinion of your source of imitation about
halaal manner-of-existence of poly-existentials.</p><p>In every possible way reject the current Western IPR regime
which has brought us the current Western proprietary-haraam
manner-of-existence of poly-existentials.</p><!--TOC section id="sec14" References-->
<h2 id="sec14" class="section">References</h2><!--SEC END --><dl class="thebibliography"><dt class="dt-thebibliography">
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Permanent Libre Published Content "120069", Autonomously
Self-Published, "January" 2018.
<a href="http://mohsen.1.banan.byname.net/PLPC/120069"><span style="font-family:monospace">http://mohsen.1.banan.byname.net/PLPC/120069</span></a>.</dd><dt class="dt-thebibliography"><a id="PLPC-120068">[10]</a></dt><dd class="dd-thebibliography">
" Mohsen BANAN ".
" poly-existentials reference model a framework for mapping of the
western intellectual property model to poly-existentials ".
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Self-Published, "January" 2018.
<a href="http://mohsen.1.banan.byname.net/PLPC/120068"><span style="font-family:monospace">http://mohsen.1.banan.byname.net/PLPC/120068</span></a>.</dd><dt class="dt-thebibliography"><a id="PLPC-180014">[11]</a></dt><dd class="dd-thebibliography">
Inc. " " Neda Communications.
" the libre-halaal bystar digital ecosystem an inversion to
proprietary internet services model neda communication inc.’s open business
plan ".
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Self-Published, "August" 2013.
<a href="http://www.neda.com/strategicVision/businessPlan"><span style="font-family:monospace">http://www.neda.com/strategicVision/businessPlan</span></a>.</dd><dt class="dt-thebibliography"><a id="Repub-120024">[12]</a></dt><dd class="dd-thebibliography">
Jalal Al e Ahmad.
"gharbzadegi – غرب زدگى ".
Re-Published Content "120024", Autonomously Self-Published, "".
<a href="http://mohsen.banan.1.byname.net/Repub/120024"><span style="font-family:monospace">http://mohsen.banan.1.byname.net/Repub/120024</span></a>.</dd><dt class="dt-thebibliography"><a id="orientalism">[13]</a></dt><dd class="dd-thebibliography">
Edward Said.
<em>Orientalism</em>, 1978.</dd></dl><!--CUT END -->


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